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Reviews for Carnal Resonance

Academic publishing is slow and so is the book review process. Out in 2011, my Carnal Resonance: Affect and Online Pornography is actually getting some reviews: at least in Porn Studies, Convergence, Somatechnics and Media International Australia. Exciting times!

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Affective capitalism symposium

5-6 June at University of Turku, with Melissa Gregg and Tony D. Sampson as keynotes:

The idea of this two-day symposium is to bring together researchers and thinkers to discuss different areas of affective capitalism. We want to challenge affective capitalism on its own ground. To do this we will analyse specific examples of affective capitalism at work and map its defining factors. We are seeking new ways to understand affective capitalism through its ambivalences and complexities. At the same time, we ask how we could resist it and develop alternatives for it.

Program will soon be available at

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Porn studies journal is out!

The first double issue of Porn Studies journal is out an available for free until May at Recommended reading for anyone interested in porn research.

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Erkki Kurenniemi – A man from the future


The anthology Erkki Kurenniemi: A man from the future, edited by Maritta Mellais is available online, with articles by Kai Lassfolk, Mikko Ojanen, Jussi Parikka, Jyrki Siukonen, Jari Suominen and yours truly: click here for my “Slimy Traces: Memory, Technology and the Archive.”

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