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Networked Affect is out!

Based on a series of worksho9780262028646ps at the 2011 Association of Internet Researchers conference in Seattle, Networked Affect is now out from MIT Press. Edited by Ken Hillis, Michael Petit and myself, it also includes essays by James Ash, Alex Cho, Jodi Dean, Melissa Gregg, Kylie Jarrett, Tero Karppi, Stephen Maddison, Jussi Parikka, Jennifer Pybus, Jenny Sundén and Veronika Tzankova. The book explores the intersections of internet research and theories of affect from a range of perspectives — from the queer reverbs of Tumblr to the gift economies of Facebook, nonhuman agencies of code, digital materialities of Steampunk and the political affect of Turkish sexual confession sites. So glad it’s finally out.

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