Dialogue with Paul Morris

The dialogue I did with Paul Morris of Treasure Island Media, titled “Risk and Utopia” is freshly out with GLQ. An earlier, shorter article version appeared in the Oxford Handbook of Sound and Image in Digital Media edited by Carol Vernallis, Amy Herzog, and John Richardson last year as “Coming to Mind.” Working with Paul has been a special treat and I’ve began to think that a dialogue is currently an undervalued format in academic writing. A dialogue includes several voices and often goes against the conventional format of a journal article that necessitates uniform argumentation, it’s difficult to handle in terms of peer review and is easily interpreted as an interview. But there is so much to be done with dialogue as a form of exchange and co-thinking. Maybe one day I can do a book of dialogues. For now, I’m taking pleasure in this one.

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Filed under affect theory, media studies, porn studies

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