The affect of failure

For three years now, I’ve been asking my students to write a small essay on their experiences of media and communication technology failing – just describing how it feels – in order to address our mundane dependencies on technological devices and networks of different kinds. This tends to be a favorite assignment (these feelings can be stark) and makes teaching the basic ideas of ANT a little smoother in a humanities media studies classroom. The plan is to develop this line of investigation toward the affective underpinnings of network media more generally, with an emphasis on distraction, boredom and other similar happy states. But before I get that far (looking forward to the sabbatical next academic year!), an article of mine exploring some of these essays is freshly online with Television & New Media as “As networks fail: Affect, technology, and the notion of the user.” One of the most enjoyable experiences of working with an academic journal ever! Special thanks to Ken Hillis and Michael Petit for their thoughtful comments and feedback. To be continued.

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Filed under affect theory, media studies

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